People like using the word: “Branded.”
We much prefer “Brand-Led.”

Responsive Interactive Design, Web and Mobile Apps

Research firm IDC forecasts that worldwide tablet shipments will surpass notebooks in 2013, and will grow to top all PC shipments by 2015. Tablet shipments are expected to grow 58.7% year-over-year to 229.3 million units, up from 144.5 million in 2012, and the average price of tablets is estimated to decline -10.8% to $381 due to the rise of low-cost Android models. By comparison, the average price of a PC has nearly doubled in 2013 to $635. (Source: BGR). This trend demonstrates with certainty that we’ll soon be living in a post-PC era. To keep up with the changes in both user habits and business directives, and for your presence on the Internet to be realized to its fullest potential, you’ll benefit from a single website that is accessible on smartphones, tablets and PC’s, at a variety of sizes and resolutions, and through a variety of modes of interaction. The practice of Responsive Interactive Design answers these requirements by advancing the creation of websites that adapt to the diversity of digital environments available to the end user.

Identity Development and Printed Media Design

We help synthesize the image your users first encounter, the assets they use to engage with you, and the vital impressions they remember you by.

The most important asset any company has is a complete corporate brand. We believe that your brand is the center of the target – A logo and clearly rationalized identity is the starting point to which print, interactive, audio and motion graphics all follow. With your team at The Mechanism, you’ll find that your entire brand image is always taken into consideration.

Our Founder began his career as a designer in the print and branding world and brought this type of thinking with him into the early days of the dot-com boom. Our identity work has been published in books from HOW, Rockport Publishers and Harper Collins just to name a few.

Future-Forward Programming and Development Practices

A user’s experience with a brand is largely determined by how it performs over multiple devices and mediums. We approach visual design with an emphasis on creating “Brand-Led” and easy-to-navigate interfaces that center your brand identity in a rewarding experience for your audience. We design and code for the reality that users access the Web not just via traditional desktop browsers.

Technology alone is not as important as how that technology serves your business goals. Our recommendations and technical solutions are mapped to actual project needs and all development is done according to industry best practices using the latest production releases of various codebases. We keep up-to-date with Internet-related standards, education and policy through serving on the board for the New York chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-NY) and make sure our sites are accessible over a wide array of devices as well as to physically-impaired users.

Digital Publication Design and Deployment

We love the smell of freshly printed collateral, just like you. But we’re seeing a rise in digital publications on a global scale. Predictions for subscription-based e-readers, the reality of profitable self-publishing, and a generation that recognize that the turn of the page is accomplished by a swipe of the hand on a digital surface – are all game changers. We’re working on enhancing the ebook experience with some of our eLearning partners right now by building productivity tools and interactive elements in the ePub format.