Digitally Focused.

We love conversations over early morning cappuccinos; Problem solving over an ice-cold pint; Sharing ideas over e-mail; and ironing out every last detail over the phone.
We don’t mind how you talk to us, just as long as you do.

Every project at The Mechanism becomes an extension of a flowing stream of work and experimentation. While working with our collaborators and partners we’re also advancing internal experiments to push technology forward and learn the best ways to deliver future-ready solutions for our clients.

With that said, our process remains grounded in adherence to strategy, planning and proactive communication with our clients. We keep our process as straightforward as possible so all participants fundamentally understand each phase and make efficient use of their time and efforts. Your feedback and approvals are integral parts of the process and help mitigate the risks that come with assumptions. All of our work is underpinned by a formal project management function that manages all tasks, resources and scheduling for the duration of the project.


Successful engagements are the result of collaborative and thorough planning. Our projects begin with a Discovery Workshop. Its purpose is to collaboratively define your project requirements, as well as explore the business context in which your project exists.


After gathering the project requirements, we go into further detail by defining the functional and technical specifications, project maps and wireframes when necessary, to further refine our understanding of the project.


The work required to go from the Planning phase to final visual design is very much an iterative process. Design is about clarifying, supporting and simplifying the user experience, and we use collaborative tools and methods to reach this goal.


Engineering involves the conversion of visual design into W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) standards-compliant HTML and CSS, the development of JavaScript and Ajax libraries, and marrying technology with any user-controlled content management system. All front-end code is developed in accordance with modern best practices and is based on progressive enhancement.


Deployment is about rigorous testing both internally and with our clients. As we typically build projects within a version-controlled environment, mapped to the final server solution, part of deployment is migrating the digital experience from the staging environment to the live server. While training on any Content Management solution is typically done throughout the process, a final check-up with the client is par for the course