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SL Green Realty Corp., is New York City’s largest office landlord. They are the only fully integrated real estate investment trust, or REIT, that is focused primarily on acquiring, managing and maximizing value of Manhattan commercial properties. As of June 30, 2011, SL Green owned interests in 57 Manhattan properties totaling more than 33.6 million square feet.

The Mechanism launched the new website design and supporting open-source & custom-built Content Management System for SL Green in December 2007, coinciding with a company-wide re-branding effort unveiled at their yearly investor meeting.

I highly recommend The Mechanism team as a viable and dedicated interactive agency. -Janet Delpozzo, Director of Marketing Communications

Since the launch, The Mechanism has served as SL Green’s interactive agency of record, building a microsite system for trophy properties aimed at leasing agents; an innovative tenant portal system, designed as an exclusive destination for tenants and future tenants of SL Green buildings; tenant outreach programs through printed media; building signage; a unified branded site for Reckson; as well as expanding on a fully customized and templated email system; enabling SL Green to stay in touch with leasing agents.

A fully customized, open-source content management system is designed to empower all members of the marketing and leasing team to manage properties, availabilities, leasing agents, and manage content across all microsites, emails and portals from a single CMS.

How do you simplify the process?

The microsite system was designed to allow SL Green to have a singular systemized template for future Web sites for individual buildings that could be used in collateral and branding.

The Mechanism built an extension to the current admin system for SL Green, allowing microsites to be easily and quickly deployed by integrating data from a singular source, preventing human error as well as saving significant time and money.

With a simple modification to a single CSS file, and updating an image repository, The Mechanism quickly deploys templated microsites for SL Green, integrating individualized branding with color and supplied logos. Photographs, floor plans and unit information are all pulled from the database, replicating identical information displayed on the SL Green Web site.

Project Snapshot

  • Visual Design – Website
  • Visual Design – Online banner advertising
  • Visual Design – email outreach campaign
  • Visual Design – Custom iconography
  • RSS Feeds
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Engineering
  • custom CMS customization and configuration
  • Hosting configuration and management
  • Website maintenance