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Italian Trade Agency

Expression Engine Website

The Mechanism redesigned the website for Machines Italia, a program from the Italian Trade Agency to promote Italian-made machinery and technology to manufacturers in North America. The Mechanism was entrusted to bring together several external websites under a single information architecture in 3 languages primarily served in North America (English, Spanish and French).

The website was built with the open source Expression Engine Content Management System (CMS), chosen specifically to allow defined user groups, multi-language support for both the front and back-end, and flexible, yet robust content tools for both administrators and companies who would be individually managing their own accounts and information online.

The Mechanism handled all strategy, information architecture, design, integration, training and hosting requirements for the site, allowing the client to manage the majority of the site content and upkeep into the foreseeable future.

Project Snapshot

  • Visual Design – Website
  • Visual Design – Online banner advertising
  • Visual Design – email outreach campaign
  • Visual Design – Custom iconography
  • RSS Feeds
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Engineering
  • ExpressionEngine Open source CMS customization and configuration
  • Hosting configuration and management
  • Website maintenance