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The Mechanism designed & launched the first version of GIANT magazine’s online experience in October 2004. The original design was intended to deliver a taste of the printed experience and to begin to capture a new subscriber base.

Thanks to The Mechanism, our online presence is way beyond being just a companion piece, and has become an integral part of the complete GIANT experience. Now, with the additional features that themechanism has integrated into the site’s redesign, they have once again proven themselves to be creative superheroes. Luckily for the world, they use their powers for good, rather than evil.-Jamie Hooper, President and Publisher, GIANT Magazine (2004-2008)

The Mechanism re-designed and re-launched GIANT MAGAZINE on October 18, 2005, enhancing the interactive GIANT experience for the publication’s growing legion of fans.

One key feature of the 2005 site was a virtual smorgasbord for GIANT’s entertainment-obsessed readers, a new-and-improved GIANT jukebox. The jukebox not only showcased a mix of independent and signed music artists, but also allowed listeners to vote on individual tracks. It was an amazing opportunity for unsigned bands to receive national exposure alongside established acts, as well as gave them the ability to see how their songs rate with site visitors.

The non-linear content navigation continues to encourage visitors to explore the site through multiple avenues. An even greater number of popular “Easter egg-like” links were dispersed throughout the site, revealing interesting entertainment tidbits, while also increasing the length of visitors’ stay. visitors also get the opportunity to participate in exclusive GIANT sponsored parties, contests and promotions.

By utilizing clean, efficient markup and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we’re able to update the entire site every month by changing a single file, coinciding with color palette shifts in the printed publication. We’re extending the brand for the audience, creating an instant visual connection to the latest issue at the newsstand.

A third re-design was completed in 2006, to coincide with the magazine’s new creative and editorial direction.

The Mechanism shared GIANT’s original vision of a total pop culture experience, and were proud to work with their entire team during their short-lived existence.

Project Snapshot

  • Visual Design – Website
  • Visual Design – Customized, branded audio player
  • Visual Design – Online banner advertising
  • Coordination with Marketing efforts
  • Custom ecommerce soution
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Engineering
  • RSS Feeds
  • Wordpress Open source CMS customization and configuration
  • Hosting configuration and management
  • Website maintenance