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The Mechanism held detailed collaborative meetings with the Principals at eEmerge and their parent company, SL Green to fully understand their self-identity. We collectively decided that the atmosphere of the architected space needed to be conveyed within all future design. Digital photographs were taken and used in a collage to determine color palettes and overall design structure. The new palette correctly reflected the palette of the interior of eemerge.

The audience ranging from Real Estate Professionals to Fortune 500 companies were segmented at the homepage and targeted with personal ads. Pop-up walk-throughs and suite photos were added to further empower the visitor to experience the space before visiting in person. A simple animated enhancement was added to the logo at the homepage to add interest and understanding of the new logo. Overall, any animated elements were used sparingly to round out the immersive experience without over-killing the messages contained within the content.

Featured in The Secret Life of Logos: Behind the Design of 80 Great Logos, by Leslie Cabarga (Published by HOW), eEmerge was also The Mechanism’s first client in 2001, and has been preserved within the portfolio to show not only where we started, but how far we’ve come.

Project Snapshot

  • Brand Identity
  • Corporate collateral
  • Brochures
  • Animated event invitations
  • Advertising
  • Website visual design
  • Website programming & deployment
  • Development; Programming
  • Open source custom CMS for managing targeted content types within the website
  • Custom video player
  • coordination with marketing efforts
  • Hosting and server management
  • Website maintenance