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Broadvox is a telecommunications company specializing in long distance transport on a facilities based network, and a hosted PBX / IP Centrex service provider that offers alternative telephony services to small and medium size businesses. The Mechanism was asked to develop the first identity package and website for the company.

Identity Design


When a stone is thrown into a body of water, the ripples continue to spread until the forces of gravity act upon it. This iconic representation demonstrates the importance of VoIP in the realm of future IP communications. The center of the ripple should be viewed at as the delivery method of IP Communication, the internet. The first ripple is email, the second is VoIP telephony, and the third is the inevitable video communication through IP.


Eurostyle Extended 2 resonates strength while still remaining light in overall weight. All capitols with a wide typeface is representative of the “wideness” of the network, and a single point for the eye to follow from the “ripple” icon.


Blue’s and aqueous colors represent fluidity and clarity. The light gray accent of the tagline helps to balance the logo with message.


The tag line leads the audience to believe that Broadvox as a phone company is “everywhere,” – a necessity to any reseller or CEO who would use Broadvox to handle their companies important telecommunications. Everywhere also relates to the “one number” concept and the ability to be reached wherever and whenever you choose.

Project Snapshot

  • Visual Design – Brand Identity
  • Visual Design – Corporate collateral
  • Visual Design – Custom iconography
  • Visual Design – Website
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Engineering
  • Hosting configuration and management