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Ansari X PRIZE

Website, Non-Profit, Science

The work for The Ansari X Prize Foundation was approached with the client’s audience in mind and without a focus on personal gain for The Mechanism. This is a good trait in choosing a partner to deliver creative solutions. -Adeo Ressi, The X PRIZE Foundation

The X PRIZE Foundation sought to bring about a radical breakthrough in the advancement of human spaceflight, the aim being to open up the space frontier. Their long-term goal is to make space travel safe, affordable and accessible to everyone through the creation of a personal spaceflight industry. The Mechanism maintained a long relationship with the X PRIZE Foundation and Peter Diamandis and were contracted to re-design our first site design for the non-profit.

Amazing job. Just wanted to say thank you. The site looks awesome. -Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, CEO, X PRIZE Foundation / Zero Gravity Corporation

The Mechansim lauched a new website in conjunction with Mike Melville’s flight in SpaceShipOne¬†to complete the first¬†manned private spaceflight on June 21, 2004. The website featured historical information, an easy system for donations, press releases, and easy categorization of the teams that had participated in the competition.

Project Snapshot

  • Visual Design – Website
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Engineering
  • Customized Open source CMS design and deployment
  • Visual Design – Customized, branded visual transitions
  • Visual Design – Customized, branded video player
  • Integrated RSS Feeds
  • Coordination with Marketing efforts
  • Hosting configuration and management
  • Website maintenance