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Acura Space Treasure Hunt

Brand-entrenchment, Gaming, Science

Combining equal parts science, science-fiction, pirates and interactive storytelling, the Acura Solar System Space Treasure Hunt was as much an experience in pushing Flash and computing power at the time to it’s limits, as it was a unique brand-entrenchment experience.

Brand-entrenchment is the concept of subtly including branding for a product or service within an unrelated interactive experience. In the case of this highly-visual experience, users engaged in a quest to travel to various planets within the solar system, collecting pieces to an imaginary transmission device. Along the way, they learned facts and were able to visualize the improbable experience of actually standing on the surface of planets and moons highlighted in the overall experience.

From a technical perspective, The Mechanism enhanced the visual experience outlined by the client in early meetings and programmed a massive, yet programmatically streamlined combination of video, audio and adventure game elements to build a highly-successful final product for the team and their project sponsors at Acura.

Project Snapshot

  • Visual Design
  • Original Illustrations
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Engineering
  • Coordination with Marketing efforts
  • Coordination with internal IT staff